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Welcome to Awesome Outcast!!! We do things outside the box around here. But everything we do is a lesson – for either RJ or those who have the pleasure of meeting him at a craft show.

RJ loves creating a large variety of art products, many of which we’ll share with you here. Since we started our adventure, RJ has added a number of fun items to his “product line”. This includes dream catchers, candles, tie dye shirts,  painted wooden instruments and trinket boxes. We’re currently putting together some pretty awesome necklaces, too.

Wondering what you can use his artwork for? A lot, actually. RJ’s artwork can be used to brighten up your knickknack shelf or your office space. It can be a lovely gift for a friend, a celebration of awareness, or even a housewarming gift. Here are a few more ideas:

* A favorite teacher, doctor or any other professional
* A “Thank You” gift
* Baby shower or wedding shower favors or decorations
* Graduates
* A favorite sports team’s colors
* Remembrance of a lost loved one

As you can see, RJ’s Awesome Outcast artwork can be used for just about anything. Choose a piece he has already created, or create a custom piece today!


** Please Note: When we are doing a crafting event, we will mark the store as Closed so there is no confusion as to what is available. Thank you! **

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