Custom Orders

RJ loves to create artwork. It doesn’t matter what colors or what size. He enjoys making sand art, dream catchers…heck, RJ loves making any of his artwork pieces!  That’s great, but it’s also a problem. He needs to learn step by step how to create something that someone is interested in purchasing.

That’s where you come in! I would love it if you could give RJ some custom orders. Pick your colors, pick a jar, charms, beads…whatever you think you’d like. I will then write an order out for him. He will need to follow the directions on the order sheet. When he completes your order, we’ll post a picture of it for your review. Hopefully, he’ll have caught what you’re looking for in your little keepsake and you’ll purchase it. If not, he can add it to his other artwork “for sale”.

Not only will you be getting a unique piece of artwork, you’ll be helping a fine young man learn a variety of skills. You’ll be helping him with attention, coordination, fine motor skills, following directions, etc. Cool beans, hey? And hopefully, besides getting a really nice piece of artwork, you’ll have gained some knowledge of Williams Syndrome and autism from the information we share with you.

So let’s go – let’s play! Let that inner child of yours loose by picking out some colors and accessories!

Let’s all be awesome together! We ROCK!