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Have RJ create a unique piece of sand art for you with the jars and accessories you choose. The first step is to pick a jar size you’d like. Choose your sand colors, continue through the accessories, and then send us a message on the form below. When your product is complete, we’ll send you a photo of it for approval. After you’ve approved your art, click on the jar size to purchase it. Don’t purchase it ahead of time – make sure you like what you’re getting.
By purchasing a custom order, you’re helping RJ in learning how to follow a written order. Thanks in advance!!

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1 review for Place your Custom Order here.

  1. Kelly

    Heartfelt Thank you RJ for making such a lovely Itty Bitty to honor my Grandmother in her favorite color…purple. I just love it !

    • Wendy Schmoll

      Thank you, Kelly. We’re glad that you love it and honored to be able to give you something as a memorial for her.

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