About Us

What is Awesome Outcast? Awesome Outcast is one heck of a fine young man that just happens to have Williams Syndrome and is on the autistic spectrum. We will tell you more about those disabilities in the upcoming pages.

So, how could someone be considered such a paradox? He’s awesome, but he’s an outcast? Quite truthfully, he is both. ( Bah – where are my manners!?! This young man’s name is RJ.) He is my son. Ok, back to what I was saying…

RJ is an extremely successful young man. He wasn’t supposed to live more than 5 minutes. When he proved them wrong on that; we were told he would never talk, never walk, or never sign his name. Guess he showed “them”, huh? One thing you’re sure to notice about RJ and I, we never say never. Doesn’t work.

Besides being successful in beating the odds put against him, RJ is also very successful in Special Olympics. He attends college and is planning on moving into a 4-bedroom home with ceiling fans.

Hence the Awesome. Now for the Outcast part:

Individuals with disabilities – no matter what you hear or see – are still segregated in many ways from neuro-typical society. I know this because I walk the walk of trying to help my son fit into that society. Fortunately, due to his disabilities, RJ doesn’t seem to realize he’s different. Quite the contrary! Should someone have a negative word for him, he thinks they’re weird.

Hence the Outcast.

Put them together and you’ve got one hell of a great guy who has nothing but love for anyone he meets. RJ is, in my eyes, the epitomy of what every religion tries to teach us: Respect for all living things. Unconditionally. It saddens me that more people are not open to the gifts he has to offer: Love and Respect.

So, that’s my Awesome Outcast. What’s that you say – what’s with the rocks? Very simple:


Thanks again for stopping by. Hope all is well in your world. RJ’s Mom