Welcome to Life Outside the Box!

Hi there!!! Thanks for joining us. Good to see you, and hope you’re doing well. We’re pretty good, thanks. You’re probably wondering what we do, living a life outside the normal realm of things. It’s not really all that different. I do think we have a bit more fun than your average neuro-typical bunch though.

While you’re here, I hope you enjoy RJ’s awesome sand art. We’ll probably share some of our fun adventures with you. Along with the good comes the bad…sorry, but that’s the reality of life. We’ll do our best to keep the bad at a minimum. Negativity is no fun, so let’s leave it outside the door.

Our posts and blogs will have some educational information, how we compromise to fit into a society that always doesn’t understand individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities, and hopefully some stories that will bring a smile to your face. We enjoy brightening peoples’ days.

So lets get this party started! Pour yourself a cup of coffee (or whatever trips your trigger) and pull up a chair. We’ll handle the rest while you’re here.

And maybe…just maybe…if we work together on it, we can…


Hahaha–let’s play! Boo ya!