Ready for a New Year–and New Adventures!

Howdy! Well, the end of 2017 is upon us. I hope it’s been a good year for you. As for myself…well, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. But, such is life! We keep on keepin’ on. That’s what makes us strong survivors.  I’m hoping that 2018 will be a good year for me personally. For RJ, 2017 has been great. He has made many gains. As always, he is successful. Mainly in the sense that he is comfortable with who he is. And that is a success for anyone.

One of the things I would like to do this coming year is get the blog part of Awesome Outcast up and running. RJ keeps me busy, as does doing craft shows with him. Another reason I don’t spend much time writing for Awesome Outcast is that I spend a lot of time writing for other people! I’ve been doing so for several years now to add a few pennies here and there to our monthly Social Security. Ghostwriting (for me, anyway) is in no way a steady income, but it has helped a bit.  I think instead of putting all the effort into creating content for others, it’s about time I spend that energy here. I’ve put together a couple of topics I think might be interesting, fun, and possibly of help to some. These are the topics I’ll be writing about:

  • Medical Monday. I’ll research a variety of medical topics and put together some info that might be of help in understanding disabilities – both mental and physical. If there’s a topic you’d like researched, please feel free to let me know! I’ll do my best to get you the info you need.
  • Warrior Wednesday. This blog will cover the battles that caregivers of disabled loved ones face. Life isn’t always rosy for us. Unfortunately, and quite frankly, unless you walk the walk, you don’t always understand what “we” go through. This blog will cover the ups and downs that we face.
  • Therapeutic Thursday. Just as the name implies, we’ll talk about different therapies. As parents and caregivers, we improvise on helping our loved ones learn and grow. This will be a great place to share ideas and to network as parents!
  • Friday Funnies. They say laughter is the best medicine. I find that to be a very true statement. My dry (sometimes a bit dark) sense of humor has helped me get to the place I’m at today. We’ll share some of our silliness with you, and hopefully, it will brighten your day. If not, it may make you spit your coffee on your laptop screen while you’re reading.
  • Social Story Saturday. Social stories are a great way to teach skills and as reminders of the skills and social behaviors expected. Let’s share some ideas and come up with personalized stories for your loved one. It’s great fun, and very very helpful.
  • Straight From the Heart. This blog is tentatively going to be about me. (Yikes!!) About how raising a disabled child has molded me into the person I am today. Not quite sure on this one yet…..although I am using “it” to get started.

I have a couple days scheduled as “off”–no blogs on that day. That’s so I can write and hopefully have content in each blog weekly. I’ll do my best to stick to this New Year’s resolution. A lot of the blogs will be interactive, meaning I hope you’ll share your ideas and thoughts. And hopefully we’ll create an awesome network of ideas, shoulders to cry on, belly laughs, and friendships.

So – there you have it. I hope that you will visit our blogs. I hope they will bring you educational information, or a smile. And if they do bring a tear to your eye, I hope it’s because you know that you’re not on your journey alone.

Hoping that all is well in your world, W

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